What are the expected results of OPRIPALC?

  • Strengthening of the radiation safety culture in pediatric interventional radiology and cardiology among health professionals in Latin American and Caribbean countries.
  • Shared methodology to evaluate X-ray equipment for interventionism.
  • A program for the optimization of pediatric interventional procedures based on a regional consensus and supported by a set of provisional NRDs and acceptable image quality.
  • Proposals for clinical audits to be implemented and corrective actions to be applied in some of the participating countries.
  • Dissemination of the results, lessons learned and conclusions of the project in other countries within and outside the region.
  • These expected results would be useful not only for the hospitals involved, but also for other medical facilities in the participating countries and, ultimately, for the entire region (for example, set of NDRs values, protocol for evaluation of X-ray systems for interventionism, consensus guide-document, etc.).
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