What are the activities proposed in OPRIPALC?

  1. Design and distribution of an initial questionnaire and identification of the health centers that are proposed to participate in the project. 
  2. Technical coordination meetings (in person and/or virtual/electronic) to agree on a common work methodology, including the evaluation of X-ray equipment for interventions, operating protocols, the selection of the most frequent procedures performed in several countries and the harmonization of the nomenclature, including a component to update training in radiation protection.
  3. IImplementation of a basic quality control program for the X-ray equipment (with evaluation of the quality of the images) that will be incorporated into the project and the collection of patient dose data (expected to be carried out by local personnel). 
  4. Centralized collection, analysis and processing of patient dose data collected by participating centers to obtain preliminary DRLs values.
  5. Technical meetings to review and discuss the results obtained.
  6. Follow-up plan of the centers that reported the highest dose values (or problems with the quality of the images) for the patient and of the possible corrective actions with the revision (if applicable) of the local operating protocols (in some cases also personnel dose values would be considered). 
  7. Preparation of a report on the project methodology and results with an internal “ad hoc” questionnaire.
  8. Development of a consensus document containing practical guidelines for optimizing radiation protection and safety in pediatric interventional radiology and interventional cardiology procedures. 
  9. Preparation of scientific papers that summarize the methodology, the results obtained and the conclusions.
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